GPG: Exporting & Publishing your public key

To export your key to a local file:

$ gpg --export --armor >

To publish you're key to an key server (in this case MIT, Debian, And Ubuntu):

$ gpg --list-keys
pub   rsa4096/0x585C80B653416059 2019-11-16 [C]
      Key fingerprint = 9A53 E6A0 DC15 2759 E944  D557 585C 80B6 5341 6059
uid                   [ultimate] Dr. Ogg <>
sub   rsa4096/0xA5A3330518BEE712 2019-11-16 [S] [expires: 2020-11-15]
sub   rsa4096/0x0D4B6E2A567C9EA3 2019-11-16 [E] [expires: 2020-11-15]

$ gpg --keyserver --send-keys 0x585C80B653416059
gpg: sending key 0x585C80B653416059 to hkp://

$ gpg --keyserver --send-keys 0x585C80B653416059

$ gpg --keyserver --send-keys 0x585C80B653416059

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