Unfi Talk & Twilio SIP

I found this great guide to setting up Twilio with Unfi Talk here

here is the TLDR:

  1. Get an Twilio Sip trunk setup witih a number attached
  2. when setting up your SIP domain be sure to use the closest regional DNS name to your location
  3. Setup Dynamic DNS on your Unfi setup in this example: home.example.com
  4. create an Origination Connection Policy use sip:home.example.com:6767
  5. on unfi talk enable "Create Static Signaling Port" and add a port forward rule for tcp/udp 6767 to your unfi controller's IP.
  6. add a custom sip provider, with the following fields: proxy, username, password, register, transport, dtmf-type.
  7. Set the following values for those fields
    8. proxy: mydomain.sip.twilio.com OR the clostest local access point.
    9. username: the username you set in the SIP credentials.
    10. password: The password you set in the SIP credentials.
    11. register: false
    12. transport: tcp
    13. dtmf-type: rfc2833
  8. Add the following CIDRS (us-west): & or ones that match your localized access point
  9. add the numbers that you have attched to the sip trunk, note: the +1 format, eg +12345678910, and yes you should add all the numbers you have bound to the trunk on the twilio console.

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